Thriving After Infidelity

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A healing journey for married women who have been betrayed

You felt you met “the one”; you fell in love, you got married, and things seemed to be going well, perhaps even for many years…or so you thought…

But you may have felt…

1) You were very much in love but may have noticed some red flags. And then you painted them green. Sure, as a couple you had conflict and challenges, but you were committed to having the marriage you dreamed of, and you figured things would all resolve themselves on their own. Perhaps you swept things under the rug, hoping they would just change, but they didnt.


2) You may have felt things were going quite well. There were some conflicts like any other couple might have but you did not see this massive nightmare coming. You knew there were some issues, but nothing outrageous and then suddenly you were blindsided by the discovery that your husband was cheating. It felt like you were suddenly gasping for air in disbelief.

And your husband cheated. He may have cheated emotionally, physically, or both. He may have had a few casual one-night stands or he may have had a long time affair. He may have cheated, even multiple times. Meanwhile, YOU TRUSTED HIM and felt like a major fool for doing so when you discovered the ugly truth.

You may not want to be home, although you may not know where to go. Should you even be around him? Do you even want to be? Do you feel gross sharing a bed with this man after learning he has been with another woman?

And who was this woman, or who were these women? The imagery that keeps popping into your mind – seeing him with someone else, imagining him in bed with someone else, or pouring his heart out to another woman – is haunting, terrifying, and disturbing.

 Discovering the truth is a major shock. It may feel like a truck slammed right into you. It’s hard to believe that this man that you have loved so much and been so committed to, who said his commitment vows to you at the altar, has betrayed you in one of the worst ways possible, leaving you feeling shattered and broken.

And damn it, it hurts! It hurts in ways you can’t even express. It is painful, devastating, and brings up a host of different emotions, crazy thoughts, and feelings of anxiety, like you don’t even know what to do with yourself.

I personally know it all too well. In my first marriage, my ex-husband cheated multiple times. I know how it feels. I know how deep the pain runs. I know that I felt that my life as I knew it had been destroyed. I was angry, sad, spaced out, dazed, shocked, and ready to leave him. But I didnt leave the first time, or the time after that, or the time after that. He said he was committed to working it out. He lied. I felt like such an idiot..

You may:

  • Wonder if this was your fault, and just want to cry and throw up.
  • Think you did something wrong but “wtf”- he cheated on you!
  • Feel small, weak, and stupid for trusting the man you were most connected to and want to smack him upside the head for doing this to you, to your family.
  • Feel like a category five massive hurricane hit you, tossed you around with debris cutting you all over.
  • Feel like your world has been turned upside down with so many thoughts running through your mind that your head is spinning, and you’re tossing and turning at night in tears.
  • Feel completely unattractive, even dirty, and that you’ve lost your ‘mojo’, your groove, your sense of worth, your value, your sexiness.
  • Feel confusion that is affecting other areas of your life, as you feel spaced out with this discovery, and find it is interfering with everything else.
  • Feel like you can’t trust anyone, most of all yourself and your own instincts. You may be asking yourself- “How did I not know???”
  • Feel worthless, less confident, and lost, wondering what will become of you, your life, your marriage, your family.
  • Feel rage, anger, embarrassment, and resentment and just want to punch him out for doing this to you – as well as feel you want to hide yourself away, feeling some shame.
    • Wonder how you will ever recover and thrive from this. It hurts like rolling through broken glass. Will it ever stop?
  • Feel unclear about how to sort out the feelings of love, hate, frustration, loathing, terror, and what action to take:
    • Stay married and try to rebuild things?
    • Leave and start over??

Now is not the time to give up on you!

  • Now  IS the time to learn how to recover and thrive after this horrible betrayal: to release the pain and the hindering beliefs about yourself, about your spouse, and about marriage.
  • Now IS the time to get clear about what action to take – the action that best serves you.
  • Now IS the time to get back to feeling empowered, beautiful, worthy, valuable, to reclaim your power as a woman!

Getting married is one of the most important commitments
you have made in your life plan.

Being betrayed wasnt part of that plan.

Feeling whole, valuable, loveable, sexy, confident, and strong again can be your NEW plan, and that plan can have you feeling even more radiant, vibrant, and alluring than ever before leading you to more extraordinary love and a more fulfilling life.

There are three essential components to any healing process:
❖   Your commitment to yourself
❖   Your willingness to look at and release old patterns that may have attracted the experience (as harsh as that sounds)
❖    Your willingness to rebuild your sense of self from the inside out, with grit and with grace

During this private coaching experience, you will learn:

  • the role each person plays in the breakdown of a marriage due to betrayal
  • how to navigate your healing process so you can feel confident and clear about yourself and your marriage moving forward
  • how to get back your fortitude, your fearlessness, your faith in yourself, because you are a force of divine feminine nature!

This coaching journey combines the power of developing your own intuition, trust, and confidence with learning the skills to never experience infidelity again, how to be compassionate with yourself, and how to learn that forgiveness isn’t about him, but is about you:  your feeling of freedom, your inner tranquility, and your rock-solid confidence.

Thriving After Infidelity is your personal healing journey that offers you THE opportunity to learn more about who you get to be in life, and in love.

Yes, your wedding was an important day.

The day you found out you’d been betrayed was a shocking, wretched day.

Your growth, your self-discovery, and new sense of identity will be transformational for a lifetime!

Using this powerful, proven system, you will:

  1. Learn what you need to do to feel valuable, loveable, confident, attractive, and fabulous again. No matter what has happened.
  2. Learn how to maintain intimacy and connection with yourself, and with others, instead of shutting yourself off from the world in embarrassment, so you can have an even more vibrant life and be ecstatic about the woman you are becoming.
  3. Learn how to clear self-sabotaging unconscious stories, beliefs, and patterns you carry, and stop behaviors that could have you repeating the same experience over and over again.
  4. Discover how to build and sustain honesty and integrity with yourself, and build a support system with dependable people who care about you.
  5. Develop your own custom Thriving After Infidelity Success Plan that is conscious, powerful, transformational, and effective.
  6. Clarify the needs, wants, and requirements, the deal-makers and deal-breakers of relationship, and create standards that you need in a marriage, whether you rebuild the one you have or move forward.
  7. Create a comprehensive vision to powerfully navigate your life and know exactly where you want to take it.
  8. Learn the essential skills and tools you need to realign yourself and successfully manage the areas of money, family, home, career, spirituality, awareness, intimacy, connection, communication, and conflict resolution to up-level your relationship skills.
  9. Understand why taking personal ownership is the key to recovering and thriving after infidelity and having personal and relationship joy.

As a result of learning these skills, you will experience:

  • More love and compassion for yourself and more freedom to be who you are.
  • More fun and laughter in life, even after feeling like you’ve been drowning in a dark hole.
  • More peace, harmony, and lightness within.
  • More of that sacred trust you have longed for with yourself and even with others.
  • Excitement about waking up to your life moving forward and the strength to handle any challenge that comes your way.
  • Everything it takes to feel loveable, confident, sexy, and trusting.
  • The feeling of security that comes from knowing how never to attract infidelity again.
  • The certainty that you’ve got your ‘groove’ back and can walk tall, with complete clarity as to whether or not you will rebuild your marriage or move on and start a new life.

I’d had enough. Enough of him saying he wanted to “work it out”, enough of his lies, enough of the feeling I had to walk on eggshells wondering what he was really doing and where he really was, and enough of trying to become the woman he wanted rather the authentic woman that I am. I finally chose divorce, and following the divorce, I made it my mission to do the work I am excited to share with you now, and am thrilled to disclose that because of this work, I have been happily married to the most amazing husband I could ever ask for since 2001.

Are you ready to learn what it really takes to recover and THRIVE after the devastation of infidelity and stand strong again as the amazing woman that you are?

Are you ready to reclaim your power and have a marriage of integrity where you never have to worry about infidelity again?

Then take the next step!

If you are serious, prepared to invest your time and money, and feel ready to commit to your healing, then apply for your complimentary breakthrough call with me to see if joining this program and working together is a fit.