Singles Virtual Class Intro

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Manifesting Love Again!
8 Weeks to Transforming Your Love Life
Introductory Tele-Seminar

Single Ladies, I know, being 30 something, 40 something, or even 50 something, and not having found the love of your life really sucks!!

You have watched your friends get married, and have likely been a bridesmaid more than once.  You may baby sit their kids, get frustrated when Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve come along, watch one too many episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress”, and have tried so many ways to attract the right partner.

You are frustrated about the whole thing because it just hasn’t happened yet.

I have special information for you!

I’m blessed to say I’ve been happily married for over 13 years to the man of my dreams, but I used to be a mid 30s divorcee’ and was really concerned as to whether any man would want to marry a washed up ‘mid-lifer’ (which I thought I was).  I was painfully reminded what lonely nights felt like following my divorce (UGH!).

I had a good job, great friends, but really wanted to be married again, and this time, to my ideal man! I, too was frustrated wondering how THAT was going to happen. But hey, I only wallowed in self-pity for a little while before I made it my mission to learn what I needed to know to find the man of my dreams – and IT WORKED!

So… super charge fast forward – I was so inspired by the transformation I went through that led me to the amazing husband I have now that I want to help others live their own great love story, too, which brings me to you.

Single Ladies – this is for you! It’s a Free Introductory Tele-seminar, offering you insight, tips, stories, and inspiration to help you transform your love life and find that man you have been looking for.

And it’s your last chance to learn more before the Single and Seeking 8-week tele-seminar begins!

And along with the above, this introductory tele-seminar will also provide you information for the main event – my upcoming Virtual Class series for single ladies that I will be teaching soon, so, register for this free Intro and get reinvigorated to experience your transformation and find the man you’ve been looking for.

So, when is this thing, you may be wondering?  We are working on intros for 2016, so please check back again!

Any questions? Email me.

Curious about relationship coaching? Check out the rest of my site, sign up for my Conscious Soul Mates Secrets at the top right of this page, or take a quiz!

And if you’re ready to know more about the upcoming virtual classes, click here!

Wishing you megatons of love in your life,