The Manifesting Love Again Group Program


Transform your Love Life in 9 Months!

A virtual class for those who are single and single again and are serious about manifesting love again

Yes, I know, you’re single, or single again; you’re a great catch; you have had success in so many areas of your life.

The one thing you want badly is that great soul mate, a relationship, a partner, a beloved, a successful marriage that almost everyone else seems to have. You may even be single again and may even be a parent who wishes for that great love which would make single parenting and life so much easier, more fun, and more fulfilling.

I know, you’re tired of:coupleballoons

  • Seeing it work for everyone else
  • Going to yet another wedding that’s not yours
  • Trying to figure out where to go to meet a quality and qualified person to date
  • Wondering what to even do to meet the right person
  • Figuring out how you’ll ever get married or remarried
  • Strategizing how to even navigate the dating process, especially if you have been out of the dating and relationship scene for years
  • Stressing over how you will move from single or single again to being partnered

You can easily imagine warm cozy nights by the fire with your beloved, all curled up watching a good movie, or a night out at a fancy restaurant all dressed up together enjoying great food, romantic music, and amazing conversation, lots of romantic affection, or a great walk on the beach.

  • The right relationship or marriage adds so much richness to life and even helps you evolve as a person.  You are walking life’s journey with someone, hand in hand, and it just makes every area of your life that much brighter.

So what the heck does it take to have all of that and what would you give to be 100% clear that it was going to happen for you?

There is a way!

Whether you have attended to, listened to, or participated in one of my free events, you know how much having the right relationship or the right marriage means to you.

I get it.  I’ve been there.  I know how awful it feels, but I am now a happily remarried lady!

Nine months of a program may seem long, but nine months or even more is often what it takes. And for some who work with me and do the work, that great love often happens while we are working together, and it can make this process move faster.

If you are frustrated with the whole “trying to find the right partner” thing, or trying to find love again after you thought you had it, this virtual class is designed for you to help move the process along faster with more skills, tools, support and understanding.

Here are the details:

  • Eighteen 90-minute classes with four modules of rich content, skills, techniques, laser coaching, and exercises over a nine month period
  • Four Bonus Question and Answer calls during the program, where you can get your personal questions answered and receive some laser coaching
  • Access to a private Facebook Group where you can get questions answered by me and other groups members
  • Three 30-minute private coaching sessions with me to check in on your progress and address your unique concerns

What you will learn:

  • How to create and manifest love from the inside out and learn to align your inner landscape with your external desires in love
  • How to really be ready for marriage or remarriage, even if you think you already are
  • How to identify the “baggage” and stories youíve been carrying around that have prevented you from finding the right partner, and learning the techniques to clear it all out
  • How to qualify a partner rather than convince someone to love you and choose you
  • How to properly create a powerful vision for the right partner
  • How to love and value yourself more than you think you do
  • How to take conscious, intuitive action steps vs. desperately trying any step you can think of
  • How to consciously date and set your guidelines for dating so you feel more empowered
  • How to understand gender differences that affect dating, relationship, and marriage
  • …and more!

The vision for your outcome:

    • A clearer picture of what it will take for you to be successful in finding the love of your life
    • A vivid vision of and connection to your future beloved
    • Tools and techniques to toss out the old patterns and stories that you’ve been carrying around and holding onto so you can finally be free and clear to meet your beloved and feel more at peace
    • A deeper understanding of what it takes to finally live your own great love story
    • More confidence in your awesome dating skills!
    • A feeling of clarity and understanding about the transition from dating to exclusive relationship
    • An understanding of the Ten Phases of Relationship
    • A knowingness that there is someone out there for you…really!
    • A clear, conscious plan to meet your mate
    • A feeling of relief that you now have a more concrete path to love
    • More confidence in yourself as a future spouse!
    • And, ultimately, the knowingness that you will be with the beloved you’ve been dreaming of!

  • While I can’t guarantee that you will meet your beloved during our class, I will guarantee that the way you approach your love life will be deeply transformed, offering you an easier and more effective path to finding the great love of your life and you may actually meet your future spouse during our program.

Are you ready?highheels

  • Are you ready to dig deeper and know that manifesting love again is not just about where to go, how you look, and how old you are?
  • Are you ready to understand that it’s about a lot more than that, at a conscious and subconscious level, and are you ready to clarify what is lurking there that may be delaying love?

We will dive into your inner paradigm of relationship and marriage so you can create the shift you need to have your future mate show up in your external reality and help you experience the transformation in your love life that you are seeking.

It is not always easy and this program is not for everyone. It takes someone highly committed to taking a deep dive to untangle what has happened in the past, prepare for a new relationship or marriage, and embrace new skills and techniques.

I have done it, and I know what it takes. I can teach you what you need to know to manifest love again, too. Let me show you the way…

Guess What?

You can register for a free pre-program training to learn more about attracting your soul mate and more about the class.

The next free training is on Thursday, January 4th, 2017 at 11AM PST/ 2PM EST and again at 5PM PST/8PM EST.  Check your corresponding time zone here.

  • If you wish to register for any upcoming class, schedule a complimentary consultation with me by clicking this link to schedule with me and we will discover if this is the right fit for you.

NOTE:  Classes sell out quickly, so register early to insure your place!  Class fee is $3970.  You pay an initial deposit of $397 when you register and then an auto pay every 9 months for $397 each.

Sorry, both classes have sold out – however, you may still schedule private sessions with meI look forward to connecting with you!

Next Class Schedule: Manifesting Love Again **

** check your time zone to see which group is the best fit for you

2017 Manifesting Love Again – Tuesdays – The Ruby Group – 5PM – 6:30PM US Pacific time (90 minutes each). 

  • January 30th kickoff – 5PM – 6PM US Pacific time
  • February- 7 & 21
  • March- 7 & 21
  • April- 4 & 18
  • May- 2 & 16
  • June 13 & 27
  • July 11 & 25
  • August 8 & 22
  • September 5 & 19
  • October 3 & 17

Your 4 bonus Question and Answer Calls- (60 Minutes each) – to be announced soon

Register here for the Ruby Group:

2017 Manifesting Love Again – Wednesdays – The Sapphire Group – 11AM – 12:30PM US Pacific time  (90 Minutes each). 

  • January 31st kickoff – 11AM – 12PM US Pacific time
  • February- 8 & 22
  • March- 8 & 22
  • April- 5 & 19
  • May- 3 & 17
  • June- 14 & 28
  • July- 12 & 26
  • August- 9 & 23
  • September- 6 & 20
  • October- 4 & 18

Your 4 bonus Question and Answer Calls- (60 Minutes each) – to be announced soon

Register here for the Sapphire Group:

* Your 3 Private Bonus Coaching Calls booked separately- check my availability and schedule with me here

* All other information given during the consultation call and after registration.

Love is the most important thing and I know you know it.  Come join us and experience the path to that love you’ve been seeking!

Wishing you megatons of love in your life,