Thriving After Infidelity Quiz

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Thriving After Infidelity Quiz - Please check True or False for each statement. At the end, enter your name and email and submit to get your results and your free gift!


At least one of us is trying to change the other person to fit what they want, instead of accepting them for who they are.

We have had communication issues and are in conflict a lot.

It seemed like we had issues, but I never imagined he would cheat.

I am unclear about my core values, needs, wants, and requirements (deal-breakers) in the marriage.

I know my spouse has cheated and we have talked about it.

My spouse wants things to go back to normal after he cheated and I still feel devastated.

My spouse is still cheating.

I can’t trust my spouse.

I don’t know how to move past this.

I feel really awful about myself after finding out about the cheating.

My spouse claims he is no longer cheating but I don’t know if that is true.

I need clarity as to whether to stay in my marriage or leave.

I feel so bad that other areas of my life are affected.

I feel foolish and stupid.

My husband says his cheating was my fault.

I am wondering what I did that had my husband cheat.

I am having a really hard time moving forward and healing since life as I knew it changed.

I have tried to seek help but it hasn't really helped me.

I feel so angry, terrified, and sad most of the time.

I feel the need to snoop in my spouse’s computer, phone, and his belongings

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