Revitalizing Your Relationship Quiz

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Revitalizing Your Relationship Quiz - Choose the answer that most applies to you, your partner or both of you. At the end your score will be tallied with your results and you will receive a free gift!


Is trying to change the other person to fit what they want, instead of accepting them for who they are.

Wants to rescue or “help” the other because they see their potential or wants the other person to make their ‘sad’ life better.

Appreciates the things they have in common yet are frustrated by several of their differences. That interferes with connection.

Is unclear about their needs, wants, and requirements (deal-breakers) in the relationship/marriage.

Reacts to frustration and challenge with anger, rage, blames and directs it towards the other person creating conflict.

Blames others or circumstances for life circumstances and lack of intimate connection.

Tries to control everything and everyone.

Doesn’t seek out interaction or connection with the other on a daily basis, letting intimacy fall away.

Is emotionally distant or void, and withdrawn.

Is still stewing about past issues in the relationship/marriage or from past relationships.

Seems to be more committed to being ‘right’ vs. trying to resolve a conflict.

Is pessimistic and negative about things that matter to the other and to the relationship/marriage.

Lacks integrity in dealing with people, money, family, etc.

Has a judgmental attitude toward themselves, others, spouse, and family.

Is unwilling to self-examine, accept feedback, take personal responsibility and ownership.

Has a challenge keeping agreements with spouse, and family.

Has difficulty coping with the unexpected challenges that happen in marriage and has a hard time reaching out for help.

Feels this isn't what they really want in a relationship/marriage, but doesn't want to be alone or be a single parent

Seems to have an inability to listen and engage in authentic, honest , and effective communication.

Is unhappy with the level of and/or frequency of physical intimacy in the relationship.

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