Manifesting Love Again Quiz

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Manifesting Love Again Quiz - Choose the answer that most applies to you. At the end your score will be tallied with your results and you will receive a free gift!


I have a vivid vision of what I want for my life & relationship.

I know what I can't live without in a marriage and won't settle for less.

I have a written list of marriage must-haves and will walk away if even one is missing.

I am clear about my boundaries in a relationship/marriage and how to enforce them.

I understand and own my patterns, issues, beliefs, and choices and take ownership of how my life and relationships have shown up.

I understand which negative relationship patterns I risk repeating.

I still have to let go of negative emotions and events from past relationships.

I know I have effective communication and conflict resolution skills when it comes to relationships.

I have positive relationships with friends, family, and community.

I'm ready and available for a marriage and I know who I need to be to have one.

Thank You