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When I started working with Susan, I was out of a divorce and wanting to rebuild my life, heal from the marriage I had left, and prepare myself to be in the right marriage in the future. Susan was like a life raft for me and my experience with her compassionate, humorous, down to earth style of coaching was truly transformational. I was able to create a new business for myself, raise my daughters as a single mom, get my relationship with myself re-centered, and revisit what I really wanted in a husband and in a marriage. Now I know I am ready to meet the love of my life and move forward into a new marriage. i am thrilled with the woman I have become through the coaching with Susan and am in such a better place in my life and have a new perspective on marriage and hat my future marriage will be like. I can’t wait to meet my guy!!
—D.P., Mission Viejo, Ca.
I couldn’t have anticipated the tremendous value I received from working with Susan. I set my intention to find my life partner, and a short time later, I met my now husband. Our compatibility and the alignment of our values is beyond what I imagined, due I believe to the clarification work Susan and I did together. Fun, funny, insightful, and loving, Susan is a gift for our lifetimes.
—K.R., Ventura, Ca.
Susan really helped us move forward at a time when we felt ‘stuck’ as a couple and unsure about our future.  It took courage to ask for support but once we got started we were amazed at how quickly things transformed.  Susan has a unique ability to “get you” quickly and get to the heart of what is going on.  Over just a few sessions, as individuals and as a couple, we gained new insights about ourselves, let go of our baggage and found new and effortless ways of relating with each other.  Today, we are happily married!
—D.R- Orange County, Ca
Rick and Susan Ortolano are an amazing, deeply connected couple who walk their talk! They truly live what they teach and have developed an extraordinary system for couples that gets right to your heart, yet offers practical day to day steps to build or rebuild a successful relationship.
—RCL, Santa Monica, Ca.
I came to Susan because I needed to have her answer a burning relationship question I was dying to have answered and in the past I have received individual help and my husband and I had assistance together. What a blessing to feel so relieved afterwards. I was able to stop assuming the worst about my marriage and move forward so quickly and with a clear mind-set and new insights. It is very powerful to have someone like Susan listening to me and really standing by me when I need support. Thank you for keeping my husband and me on track.
—A.S and T.S., Honolulu, Hawaii
Susan provides a safe space to explore what one really desires in a partnership. She is supportive, insightful and non-judgmental. She holds the highest vision for her clients and leads by example. She not only has the education / certifications, she has an inspiring marriage and demonstrates what is possible. She knows what it takes to create a successful, thriving relationship and shows her clients how they, too, can create one. With her practical skills, intuitive talents and genuine care for her clients, she is an incredible person to work with!
—G.W., Palm Desert, Ca.
Susan has been a blessing for me the past two years in so many ways. She has brought such vivid clarity to my partnership with my husband. She’s provided me with communication tools, taught me how to use them appropriately, and nurtured and validated my every feeling, which is essential for my need to feel heard and understood. Susan coaches with humor, takes a straight forward and loving approach and helps me make important decisions with confidence. Susan is a gifted intuitive coach and my go-to coach that I can always rely on. Thank you, Susan, for guiding me so lovingly on my healing journey!
—S.H., Santa Cruz, Ca.
Working with Susan has been essential in these extra-ordinary times of transition. She infuses sharp insight, strength, and fluidity into the consistent progression of my life. Clarity is consistently revealed in respect of relationships – both that of my internal relationship with myself, and key relationships in my life – without which there’s a high degree of possibility I’d be 1000 miles behind where I am today, lost in the fog, heading upstream. She has had a remarkable and inspiring impact on my life.
—A.F., London, England
When I started my work with Susan, I was beginning to despair of ever finding ‘the one.’ In our very first sessions, a miracle happened. That fear went away. I got clear on the relationship I was going to create. Then our ongoing coaching sessions helped me release the blocks that were in my way. Today, I have an amazing marriage, and I don’t know if I could have done it without Susan’s amazing support.
—B.W., Santa Cruz, Ca.
The decision to work with Susan on a regular basis was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Susan’s intuition was so often ‘spot on’ when helping me clarify muddy issues in my life and my marriage, define inner roadblocks, and bring to light hidden belief systems. Susan has walked me through some parts of myself I didn’t even know existed with compassion and patience. She’s given me tools that I will continue to use throughout my life to release old beliefs and create true freedom, expression, love, and happiness. Since working with Susan, I have felt a lightness, openness, and sweetness in my life like never before. The experience has been invaluable. If you are ready to do some deep inner work, start opening doors in your life, move forward towards your dreams and goals, and experience more happiness, joy, and love, Susan will be your partner.
—K.L., Oxnard, Ca.
For the past 8 years, Susan has, and continues to guide me through relationships with my partners in my life. She supported and helped me navigate through the difficult path of losing my first husband. I can’t imagine how I could have made it through without her powerful insights and healing methods. From the time of my devastating loss to present, she gently provided me with the foundations and building tools to develop a healthy, balanced relationship with my second husband. I have relied on her for her instinctual coaching in my marriage and in my life. One thing I can say about Susan’s intuitive knowledge, without any doubt, she is spot on! In relationships and my life path, I trust her instincts and direction like a beacon of light.
—L.V., Santa Clarita, Ca.
Being remarried is very different than either of us thought it would be. There are so many components and issues we never even thought of. Susan has been so patient with us as we have been moving through so many unexpected issues and haven’t always handled them well. Thank you Susan for your knowledge, your skills, and for hanging in there with us!
—LG and MG, Los Angeles, Ca.
Susan has helped our marriage tremendously. We have what she calls a ‘combo’ marriage with one of us having been married before. She has showed us many ways to make our marriage and blended family more successful and things are finally starting to flow and we thank Susan for all of her great coaching to help us move forward in a better way.
—PFW and JW, Honolulu , HI