8 Weeks to Creating an Extraordinary Marriage

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A group program for married couples committed to saving, and transforming their struggling marriage to have it be amazing!

Save Your Marriage

Isn’t love the most important part of life? I think it is. Having a spouse to share your life with, to snuggle with, to share experiences with, to love, to be love by, to be intimate with, to be best friends with, to learn from, to grow with, to grow old with, to create family and friends with, to laugh with, have fun with is the best experience!

Living life alone as a single for the rest of your life or divorced for the rest of your life trying to find someone is not what you imagined. 


You’re married and you love your spouse. Your marriage seemed to be going well for a while and gradually you noticed that:

  • The current state of the marriage has taken a major change
  • You have been in perpetual conflict with some major nasty fights
  • You feel your marriage is on life support at this point and needs urgent change
  • You feel very disconnected from your spouse
  • Your intimacy has seriously diminished in all areas
  • You feel angry, frustrated, resentful, alone
  • You don’t look forward to coming home as you expect conflict and upset
  • You feel disappointed in your spouse, marriage in general, and in yourself and all of it is stressing you out
  • You wonder how the heck this will ever change and feel good again like it used to
  • You wonder if divorce is around the corner as you’ve even talked about it, not knowing what else to do
  • You are truly scared about the unknown future of your marriage, feeling all hope may be lost

If this is describes even some of where you are with your marriage, then read on because you are in the right place!

I know how you feel. I have been there and while I ended up divorcing my first husband because I didn’t have the skills and tools to save it, I made it my mission to learn the skills, the tools, and the secrets to having a marriage that is vibrant, alive, conscious, harmonious, loving, fun, stress-free, with little and easily resolved conflict, with an excitement to spend as much time as I can with my spouse, with off the charts intimacy in all areas, beautiful, effective communication, release of past relationship experiences, living in flow with each other, an honest truth that he is my best friend and the love of my life. In addition, there is NEVER talk of divorce. It is not even a thought or consideration. And I have had that with my husband Rick since 2001.

I feel so blessed to be in the marriage with him that has even surpassed my dreams and I am grateful every single day.

What if you could have the marriage of your dreams with your partner and avoid the divorce that feels like it’s looming over you – because let me tell you, divorce is hard, serious and a very steep fall.

You love the person you are married to.

What if you could learn how to save your marriage in just 8 weeks, and completely transform your marriage experience together?

Here is what you get in the 8 Weeks to Saving Your Marriage program:

Imagine:Couple in Love

  • Having powerful, compassionate, conscious, and effective deep communication that feels so honoring, connecting, and respectful.
  • Knowing and perfecting a graceful way to resolve the little conflict that comes up and having a system to come back to common ground and harmony, creating a palpable sense of peace.
  • Learning tools and techniques to release the painful emotions of your previous relationships, your past, and the upset of the challenging phase of this marriage so you can begin again from a new, empowered, fresh perspective.
  • Reigniting “off the charts” connecting, loving passionate intimacy physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually that brings the “vavavavoom” feeling back as well as that sacred, special bond you once had.
  • Creating an exciting vision for yourselves as a couple that evokes excitement, a sense of marital team spirit, a way of navigating your lives together that fully inspires you and propels your lives forward.
  • Loving each other in a way you want to be loved, feeling cherished, appreciated, acknowledged, and accepted for who you are, having that inner spark lit up.
  • Taking action together that rebuilds trust, integrity, with the feeling that this IS the person you can fully count on and being able to take a sigh of relief and feel safe.
  • Balancing your lives as a couple, as a family, with your life purpose as an individual, with mutual support and encouragement that leaves you feeling creative, empowered, and fully satisfied.
  • Having your marriage be the best source of your personal, spiritual growth, rebuilding confidence, discovering who you are, and reach a level of awareness and wisdom you only dreamed of and feeling so free.
  • Learning how to handle and manage unexpected challenges that come up and get through them with more grace and ease.
  • And completely eliminating the word “divorce” from your vocabulary together.

Wedding RingsAre you aware this was even possible? If you love your spouse and are committed to saving this marriage, being vulnerable, and fully honest, and are ready to heal with a willingness to move forward with new tools, techniques, and understanding and doing what it takes to have these things and more, this program IS for you.

How this program works:

  • Fill out the application here and schedule your breakthrough session with me here.
  • Once we have that session, I will know exactly what you need and how this program will work for you.
  • Then you take the leap. You invest in yourselves, your marriage, and your dreams of an amazing life together regardless of what has happened previously.
  • You will then receive confirmation and information to your inbox about the details, where to be, what you need to do and when.
  • This program takes place via phone conference line from the comfort of wherever you are.
  • Then this program begins and you get to learn what you need to learn to save your marriage and have it be the dream marriage you wanted from the beginning.

Your next steps: 

I look forward to teaching you what you need and watching you transform and save your marriage!!