Starting Marriage Right

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A Program for Newlyweds and soon to be Newlyweds!

You’ve met ‘the one’, you fell in love, you are about to have or have had your amazing wedding, honeymoon.


Two wedding rings in red rose

You’ve planned your fabulous wedding, but did you plan your marriage?

What happens to couples when the honeymoon is over and the real marriage begins?

You’ve had some conflict and challenges, and it seems that because everything has been so wonderful and magical, things will all just resolve on their own. You may have been aware of challenges and being wrapped up in the love and excitement, and perhaps you swept things under the rug hoping they would just change.

You may:

  • think that great chemistry and passion alone make a good marriage
  • not know how well-matched you actually are for a lasting partnership
  • be sweeping challenges under the rug, thinking that because you’re madly in love and finally fully committed, they will all just go away
  • be unaware of how to release unconscious patterns that will stop you from living in harmony together as you move into your life as newlyweds
  • not thoroughly know yours or your partner’s needs, deal makers, deal breakers, requirements for the relationship, or even the core values you share
  • not realize the skills and tools you need in order to live your life together and have it last, especially effective communication and conflict resolution.
  • think that getting married itself makes it all work
  • Not understand what it takes on a day-to-day basis to keep your new marriage fresh, alive, and intimately connected.

Now is not the time to just “hope for the best” before you have built a solid foundation for a lasting marriage.

It’s time to stop focusing on the idea that being married means all will just work out. It’s time to learn how to consciously create and build a successful, long lasting marriage.

Getting married is one of the most important decisions you’ve made.

Make it last! Learn what together forever is really about.

Bridal BouquetThere are three essential components in any successful relationship:

❖   You

❖   Your Partner

❖   And the partnership itself

In this program, you will learn how to understand the role each one plays in a successful marriage and how to balance and navigate all three .

This personalized coaching program combines the power of intuitive guidance and keen insights with the skills and education offered through relationship coaching

**Coaching programs are available for couples together or individually.

Now is the time to start using the Conscious Soul Mates System!

Yes, your wedding was an important day, but having the skills and tools for a successful marriage is critical.

In this powerful, proven step-by-step system, you will

  1. Learn tools you never learned in school for more effective communication and conflict resolution
  2. Learn how to maintain intimacy and connection that keeps your romance vibrant and passionate
  3. Discover how to build and sustain honesty and integrity in your partnership
  4. Learn how to clear self-sabotaging unconscious stories, beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that could have you end up in divorce court way too soon
  5. Develop your own custom marriage success plan that is conscious, and effective
  6. Learn the essential skills, tools, and information you need to realign and successfully manage the areas of money, family, home, career, spirituality, marital growth, partner awareness, intimacy, connection, communication, and conflict resolution
  7. Clarify the needs, wants, and requirements, deal makers and deal breakers as individuals and as a couple
  8.  Create a comprehensive and vision to powerfully navigate your life together and know where your marriage is headed
  9. Understand why taking personal ownership is the key to marriage success

As a result of learning these skills, you will experience:just married sign

  • More love for one another and more freedom to be who you are
  • More fun and laughter with fewer arguments and conflict
  • More peace and harmony within and with one another
  • More of that sacred trust you have longed for with someone
  • Excitement to come home to the person you know you’re mean to be with
  • More of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spirituals intimacy you’ve already created and how to take them to an even deeper level
  • Everything it takes to master the art of successful relationship and have a marriage that lasts

Are you ready to learn what it really takes to build a successful life together or will you risk becoming just another unfortunate divorce statistic? Take the next step! Let’s talk and schedule a complimentary consultation and strategy call and help get you on the past to everlasting marriage! Click here to schedule a call with me.

***Virtual group programs are coming soon!