Revitalizing Your Relationship

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 Save Your Marriage

Whether you are in a relationship or in a marriage, those gloomy marital statistics or past break-ups didn’t scare you initially. You were so madly in love and figured that they just didn’t apply to you. You may have thought nothing challenging would ever happen. It’s hard to know what will unfold and when unexpected challenges happen or tragedy strikes, it’s just hard to know what to do.

But now you’re wondering how the heck challenges happened, why you may have fallen into a rut, why there is so much arguing and conflict, what happened to that great intimate connection you used to have, and how you’ll ever get through the losses you have experienced or why one of you got so ill.

You’re tired of arguing, feeling frustrated, feeling sad, disconnect, and hoping things will change or just get better. You may have tried to work all of this through on your own, you’ve read some great self-help books, and you may even have tried therapy, but the relationship or marriage still needs some help, a good ole’ boost, some major revitalization or even deeper repair, along with some tender loving care, and support.

You want to make sure your partnership stays vibrant and intact, but your best efforts seem to produce the same frustrations and difficulties over and over again.

In addition to all of that: 

  • You may be exhausted at the constant arguing, conflict, and power struggle.sadcouple
  • You may be wondering why your partner doesn’t seem to listen to you, value you, respect you, or accept you.
  • You may not even know how to handle or cope with the unexpected tragedies, losses, or challenges that have happened.
  • You may feel you have lost that passionate “spark” of intimacy and connection you used to have.
  • You may have had the trust that once was present shattered and not know how to repair it.
  • You may even be questioning whether or not you can even continue to stay together.

Now is not the time to run away, keep arguing, or let everything just fall apart.

It’s time to stop waiting for things to change, ignore it completely, or hide away somewhere, and learn what you need to do to heal, learn the specific skills you need so you can revitalize your relationship!

The Conscious Soul Mates Coaching System focuses on achieving goals, visions, and finding solutions, teaching you the specific skills you need vs. holding on to what’s wrong and who’s to blame.

Learning new tools and skills is critical to help you raise your own level of awareness, improve the way you communicate with your partner, learn to cope with the challenges that have come forward, learn to heal from what has happened, and release your own unconscious patterns in order to feel more love, acceptance, connection, peace and harmony once again.

There are three essential components in any successful relationship:

  • You
  • Your Partner
  • And the Relationship itself

In this program, you will learn how to understand the role each one plays in a successful revitalized relationship and how to balance and navigate all three, regardless of the unexpected challenges, ruts, frustrations or tragedies you are facing.

This personalized private coaching program combines the power of intuitive guidance and deeper insights with the skills and education offered through relationship and marriage coaching.

*Coaching programs are available for couples together or individually.

Now is the time to start working with Susan and the Conscious Soul Mates System!

In this powerful, proven step-by-step system, you will:

  1. Learn tools you never learned in school for more effective communication and conflict resolution.
  2. Learn how to revitalize intimacy and connection that keeps your romance vibrant and passionate, regardless of your challenges.
  3. Discover how to rebuild honesty and integrity in your partnership.
  4. Learn how to clear self-sabotaging unconscious stories, beliefs, patterns, and  behaviors that could have you end up apart.
  5. Develop your own custom relationship success plan that is conscious, compassionate, and effective.
  6. Learn the essential skills, tools, and information you need to realign and better manage the areas of money, health, grief, family, home, career, spirituality, growth, partner awareness, communication, and more.
  7. Clarify the needs, wants and requirements you have as individuals and as a couple given the challenges you are facing.
  8. Create a comprehensive vision to powerfully navigate your life together from a new space.
  9. Understand why taking personal ownership, even if it looks like something happened to you, is the key to mastering the art of successful relationships.
  10. Understand why these challenges have happened for you and how to use them as an opportunity to grow forward.

Whether you are in a new committed relationship, in a marriage, or have been together for years, imagine:

  • Feeling even more love for one another and more freedom to be who you are
  • Enjoying more fun and laughter with fewer arguments and conflict
  • Having more peace and harmony within yourself and with one another
  • Experiencing that sacred trust you have longed for, even after it’s been shattered
  • Being excited to come home to the person you know you’re meant to be with
  • Reigniting the physical and emotional intimacy you thought was lost 
  • Discovering new ways to move through your pain with more grace and ease

    The years are passing by. It’s time to stop sweeping things under the rug when unexpected frustrations and challenges arise, even if they are tragic, sad, and scary.  It’s time to face everything, and make your partnership, along with your healing process, the top priority.

There is hope!

It’s not too late to heal, revitalize your relationship, and have it be what you’ve always desired.  You can truly chart a different course and steer your relationship in a new direction!

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