Remarrying Right

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Marriage Mastery Program
Get it right this Time!

susanremarryI know – you’re in your mid 30s, 40s, or even 50s. You have already had at least one marriage that didn’t quite work out, or perhaps you’ve never been married after all these years, waiting and hoping, but you’ve have had a string of unsuccessful relationships and possibly even a ‘near miss’ engagement or two for marriage.

Did you know that 60%-70% of second marriages end in divorce? That number is even scarier than first marriage divorce statistics. Yikes!

You may be preparing for this new marriage, in the midst of the nervousness and excitement of planning, or perhaps you’re already in it and are noticing similar issues and patterns emerging that resemble your past relationships.

You may have tried handling everything yourselves, reading some relationship or marriage success books; you may have even gone to therapy to prepare for marriage, or to get support when you realized you were experiencing old patterns again, and felt it didn’t really help. You may have checked out your spiritual community, and discovered none of it has really made the impact you were looking for. You may be afraid of being unsuccessful again, and are now looking for something different to support you.

You want to get married, remarried, or stay married, but aren’t quite sure how to do things differently or get off on the right foot to avoid repeating past mistakes and ending up alone again.

Don’t give up the dream of marriage altogether!! It’s easy to be afraid that your past will creep into your future again. Marriage is a huge step and it can bring up a lot of fears, especially when a previous marriage crashed and burned!

You’re not alone. I get it. I’ve been there! I am in my second marriage. I met my husband, Rick, who had also been divorced, and thinking we were older, wiser, and more established, marrying a new person couldn’t possibly bring up issues from the past.  But unless those issues are healed, they rear their ugly heads again!  We were both excited and nervous, didn’t want to repeat those past mistakes, and after a few bumpy moments at the beginning, we finally learned the right tools and skills, cleared wounds from our past, discovered how to consciously connect, communicate and resolve conflict with respect, and honor each other every day, and marriage is better than we could ever have imagined!

So here’s the deal…

Most people think finally getting marriage right is just about:

  • Finding a different person
  • Being older and wiser
  • Feeling more established in life
  • Hoping it will just be different this time

While these things make a difference, they are not the only ingredients required to have a lasting, conscious, loving marriage. So, instead of running scared, sabotaging the relationship because you’re afraid of crashing and burning again, or thinking you’re just not ‘marriage material’, too old, or even ‘damaged goods’ so you might as well back out or bail…ask yourself this:

susannextWhat if you could:

  • Finally learn the most critical communication skills to speak to one another effectively, consciously, lovingly, and respectfully?
  • Resolve conflict swiftly and more permanently?
  • Ignite and sustain deep and sacred intimacy on all levels?
  • Grow old together, moving through tough and transitional moments in life with grace and ease?
  • Understand how to smoothly blend families if children are involved?
  • Discover new ways to have oodles of fun together?
  • Learn how to balance “me” and “we”? (After all, we all need time together and time for ourselves)
  • Uncover your true sense of value, feeling confident, accepted, cherished, and fully loved?
  • Understand gender differences and how to effectively navigate them?
  • Discover how to co-create the marriage together and have it be the most amazing experience ever?
  • Release issues and patterns of the past and embrace this marriage from a fresh, new perspective?
  • Feel freer and happier than you ever thought you could?

What if you could finally get it right this time and achieve a sense of true marriage mastery?

Let’s be honest, you feel you have met the one or you’re finally with the one and know you’re not getting any younger. If you are looking for a truly transformational experience to set this marriage on the right path or to reset and recommit to a marriage that is already in progress, and could use some support, the Conscious Soul Mates System for Marriage Mastery may be for you.

Imagine through this powerful proven step-by step system:

  • Coming home to a marriage that feels like your safe haven
  • Feeling like your partner is really your best friend and truly knowing it
  • Experiencing the journey of life with the love of your life by your side, feeling completely prepared for an amazing marriage
  • Feeling completely supported by your partner
  • Manifesting your heart’s desires in life together with the person who is your heart’s desire
  • Feeling a sense of harmony and peace at home and being able to truly exhale after a long day
  • Finally being free of most of the relationship ‘baggage’ you have been carrying around for decades leaving you experiencing a sense of spaciousness and joy
  • Knowing that you can share and communicate anything with your beloved with complete honesty and authenticity
  • Feeling a deep level of acceptance for being exactly who you are, knowing you are loved every day just because you are you
  • Feeling like your partner still thinks you’re the hottest, sexiest person around in spite of noticing a little sagging, bagging, and wobbly bits in the mirror.  Imagine that self-conscious feeling finally going out the window!
  • Knowing that the relationship skills you have that you never had before are working effortlessly, beautifully and your marriage is even better than you hoped for!
  • And Knowing with your whole heart that this is finally it, your dream–come-true, your own version of happily-ever-after

You may still look great, know you are with a different and more suitable person than before, feel wiser, more self-confident, be more established in life, and be filled with hope; so what if you could finally learn how to truly have the amazing marriage you’ve always hoped for, know you’ll be together forever, share your life with the love of your life? Isn’t it the perfect time to finally get it right?

Are You Ready to Take your Next Step Towards Getting your Marriage Right?

This may sound great yet may or may not be the right fit for you. This is a radical transformational experience and is not for the faint of heart!

This program is for couples as well as individuals who are having concerns about their upcoming nuptials or the marriage they are already in.  If you resonate with what you are reading and feel it might be for you, click here and apply for a complimentary strategy session.

**I do a limited amount of strategy sessions each month and work with qualified people who are ready to commit to learning how to have a deep, connected, and conscious marriage.


Virtual Tele-classes for couples and individuals in a relationship or marriage are also available. Click here for the schedule of classes and for upcoming complimentary introductory teleseminars.

Learn new tools and skills to help you raise your own level of awareness, improve the way you communicate with your partner, and release your own unconscious patterns in order to feel more love, acceptance, connection, and harmony daily.

Are you ready to take the next step? Contact me via email or apply for a free private consultation.*

*There are a limited number of free private consultations available each month.