Manifesting Love Again – Ladies

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Singles & Single Again Ladies:

You’re looking for ‘the one’, your soul mate, your life partner, or your husband, right? You know you make a great catch; you are successful, awesome, kind, and loving, but have no idea why your ‘handsome guy on the white horse’ (or Mercedes) hasn’t shown up yet or why the wrong guy has shown up time and time again. You may have given marriage a shot already, and are now single again and getting back in the game to find the real love of your life. Perhaps you have never been married, are getting older and have a heart-felt desire to be a happily married lady.

You may have tried Internet dating, clubs, yoga, the gym, blind dates, and even one of those high-end matchmaking services. None of that has worked for you.

And, when you do actually start dating someone, everything seems so great at first and you get so hopeful, but then a few months down the line, things crash and burn. Plus, several of your friends have been finding love and getting married or even getting remarried. The question is; why not you?

After all that:

  • You may be frustrated and skeptical, thinking finding the right man is never going to happen for you.
  • You may be wondering why you’re still waiting, and what to do next.
  • You may even be questioning whether your ideal mate or husband is even out there, and you may feel almost ready to give up and throw in the towel.

It’s not time to give up on your dream of having your ideal relationship or marriage!

It’s time to stop “waiting” for the guy on the white horse, or stop feeling like you have to convince someone to choose you.  It’s time to take ownership of your love life and get support to guide you!

  • What if you could actually see and experience this future marriage that is waiting for you?
  • What if you could uncover and clear the hidden patterns that are unconsciously holding you back from relationship and marriage success?
  • What if you could finally come home to the love of your life?

There are three essential components to having love:

Preparing yourself for the relationship and marriage, learning who you need to become to attract the right person, and gaining effective and essentials skills to be in a successful relationship or marriage that no one ever taught you in school. In this program, you learn all three!

This process combines the power of intuitive guidance with the skills and education offered through coaching. This can be your own personalized coaching program, just for you, or taken as a virtual class with the support of other amazing ladies like you!

Now is the time to stop convincing someone to choose you, to stop sacrificing yourself to please a man, and to stop the unrealistic fairy-tale fantasizing, and become the woman ready to be with your ideal partner using the Conscious Soul Mates System to manifest love again!

In this powerful, proven, step-by-step system, you will:

  • Clarify your core-values, core-essentials, and must-haves you didn’t even know you had for ideal partnership or marriage
  • Create a comprehensive vision to navigate your path to matrimonial partnership
  • Open to a new level of conscious awareness, self-empowerment, self-love and trust and understand why they are all so critical
  • Learn how to clear self-sabotaging unconscious stories, beliefs, patterns, and behaviors, that have seemed unbreakable up until now, that are literally blocking you from finding the right partner
  • Plan a conscious, intuitive action path that is more effective than what you have done previously
  • Establish a deeper connection to and an understanding of your own values, and sense of self
  • Eliminate all inauthentic relationships in your life that no longer work for you
  • Create success and joy in the other areas of your life
  • Use new techniques to fully complete and release your past relationships or your previous marriage so you are completely free to move forward
  • Learn the essential skills, tools, and information you need to effectively navigate your dating and qualifying process
  • Gain the specific skills you need to be in a relationship or marriage and to be a great partner

Your friends are getting married, and even getting remarried, and the clock is ticking. It’s time to go beyond just hoping Mr. Right will show up, and get serious about making positive changes in your love life!

Are you ready to take the next step?

Register for an upcoming complimentary Introductory Teleseminar or Webinar to learn about the virtual classes available for manifesting love again!  Or check my availability for a 30-minute relationship coaching or virtual class consultation. *

* There are a limited number of complimentary consultations available each month.