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Cheated On, Ladies? It’s Not Your Fault

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I wish I didn’t need to have to talk about this topic, but it is an area I specialize in when it comes to coaching. Being cheated on is one of the most painful experiences a woman can go through. … Continue reading

Are You Whiner, Spaghetti Thrower or Conscious Action Taker?

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Hang in there – this is a bit long but has a very key question at the end… I have to tell you, having Lyme disease is no picnic. I’m truly blessed that I don’t have it in my brain … Continue reading

Are You Really Lonely?

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I hear so many talk about how lonely they feel. It’s not just singles, divorcees, and those who have gone through a bad break up; it’s married people too. One of the most painful experiences is being in a marriage … Continue reading

3 Traps to Consider When Getting Married Again

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Isn’t it shocking to see the current statistics for divorce rates in this country? Maybe not at this point, but it’s almost as if someone doesn’t take the garbage out and that is then grounds for dismissal. According to the … Continue reading