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Susan Ortolano, M.A., PCC, CMRC

Susan Ortolano

Yes, I, too was one of those little girls dreaming about love, weddings, marriage, white picket fences, and the handsome guy on the white horse (well, perhaps Mercedes). I even had a dream when I was about eleven years old that my true love came for me in a lovely carriage, yet I couldn’t see his face. This dream repeated several times and I still never saw his face!

My first heartbreak came at the age of five (awww, right?), and after a few decades of painfully miserable relationships, a broken engagement, and a marriage that crashed and burned to a husband who lied and cheated several times over among other things that would make one’s head spin, I figured being alone and single had to be better than all that! I was just about ready to give up the dream, which would have been a crushing blow.

Instead … I took my sad breakdown (my very sad breakdown) about love and marriage and made it my mission to uncover why I had been through so many bad relationship experiences, most of them with infidelity and betrayal. I uncovered hidden issues ruminating in my consciousness that I hadn’t even admitted to myself – things that were holding me back from real love and literally expecting to be betrayed. I searched for, discovered, and learned the knowledge, tools, and skills I needed and realigned my consciousness to meet the right person and start my dream relationship. I had some major mega-breakthroughs!


I then manifested the great love of my life; my husband Rick. He’s pretty awesome! Ok, he is more than awesome. He is amazing! We have been happily remarried since 2001 and marriage is better than I had ever imagined.

My experiences inspired me to create a system to teach you not just some surface-based relationship and marriage information, but the true critical tools, skills, techniques, and consciousness alignment to have and co-create the relationship or marriage you desire, especially after betrayal or infidelity because – yeah, that happened too many times in my earlier years and man did it hurt!

My Specialties

While I work with a variety of relationship and marriage challenges, my main specialty is working with singles, individuals, and couples who want to come back to their own sense of wholeness, and thrive in a marriage after experiencing infidelity and betrayal.

These are some of the programs I offer for both private coaching and virtual group classes.

Thriving After Infidelity. As I have mentioned, this was so present in my early dating, relationships, and even in my first marriage. My consciousness was wired to expect it. There are many reasons people cheat and people are cheated on. Statistically, there are many reasons why people cheat in a relationship or in a marriage and 50% of all marriages will have some kind of infidelity over the course of time. It doesn’t sound too hopeful, and neither do the divorce rates, but when cheating happens there is hope in recovering and thriving, as well as completely healing from the experience. I work with singles who have had betrayal or infidelity in their history and want to be married but are really scared that history will repeat itself. I work with women who are ready to recover and thrive after experiencing infidelity, and couples who are committed to rebuilding their relationship or marriage following betrayal or infidelity.

Remarrying Right.  This is not always an easy transition and I specialize in helping couples integrate into a marriage, with at least one partner having been previously married, and teach them their own transformation, skills, techniques and tools to be on the right side of the divorce rate statistics.

And, yes, I also work with couples struggling in any relationship or marriage in Revitalizing Your Relationship. There are so many do’s and don’ts during the course of a lifetime of partnership and having support when things are looking grim, when love feels like it is in a rut, or when unexpected painful challenges and betrayal occur, can uplift the container of a relationship, reignite intimacy, connection, compassion, healing, help cope with challenges, and literally save a relationship or marriage.

Manifesting Love Again is my program for those who are single or single again who have really been through heartbreak and want to finally find the love of their life.  Working with this system provides the transformation and the techniques needed to heal the past, realign your inner landscape and consciousness, and prepare you for the journey of true conscious love as well as sustain your dream of life long partnership.

Remarrying Right.  This is not always an easy transition and I specialize in helping couples integrate into a marriage, with at least one partner having been previously married, and teach them their own transformation, skills, techniques and tools to be on the right side of the divorce rate statistics.

About the Intuitive Coaching Experience

As an Intuitive Coach who also works as a Clairvoyant and Medical Intuitive, I don’t spend the time doing direct readings and making predictions in the coaching process because that is not what coaching is about, but I do incorporate my clairvoyant intuitive abilities in concert with my coach training skills to move your process forward much more swiftly, support you as you recover and heal after betrayal. I know how to guide you to dive deep into the healing process of what is still present for you about what happened in the past by way of intuition as well as some powerful techniques I use to support you as you realign your own consciousness and release the pain so you can thrive in relationship and marriage. These abilities allow me to take a deeper intuitive peek into your process to support you in ways that most others cannot.

Most women who want to manifest love again have shared that they think finding the right venue, online dating site, or convincing someone to choose them, while sacrificing their own needs and requirements to please and settle, will bring them a marriage they can live with or tolerate. Who wants to settle? Anyone?

Others have waited for the fantasy of the handsome, rich guy on the white horse (or BMW) coming to sweep them off their feet, pay their bills, shower them with gifts and live the happily-ever-after fairy tale and come to find that betrayal has shocked them out of that fantasy.

Many couples who have gotten married don’t realize the challenges, adjustments, and integration that will happen, but just carry on for years until someone cheats or betrays the other because they didn’t have the consciousness or skills to deal with the issues going on that got swept under the rug.

Many couples in relationships and marriages think they need to prove they are right, blame their partner for their challenges in life, and wait for their partner to change, or even feel the need to head into the arms of someone else at the first sign of conflict, communication or intimacy issues.

Couples who have been married before have even more to integrate and more fears come up since their previous marriage didn’t last, have some painful issues to process that may come up in the new marriage, and may now be in a blended family situation, having to learn to navigate that. In addition, those divorce statistics for 2nd and 3rd marriages are 70-90% and many marriages end over infidelity and betrayal.


There is hope at all stages of love and it can even be easy! Imagine that!

Experiencing coaching to manifest love again, finally having an amazing and beautiful relationship, marriage or remarriage that defy those horrific statistics, or aren’t filled with cheating, lies, and betrayal is a transformational and deep experience.

I strongly believe that the journey of relationship and marriage gives us a unique opportunity to truly know ourselves, heal old wounds, learn to love, grow, evolve, and embrace deep love – more than any other life experience.

The relationship or marriage experience with the right partner, with the right consciousness, with commitment and integrity is truly amazing and totally worth it!


About My Credentials

Yep, I’ve got a bunch of those too …

I have a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, a Professional Certified Coach Credential from the International Coach Federation, a Master Relationship Coach Certification from the Relationship Coaching Institute, Levels 1 and 2 Coach training through the Sedona Method, and a Certification in Conflict Mediation from the Center for Dispute Resolution. I am also a Certified New Life Story Coach through the MentorPath organization, have trained as a Group Coach Facilitator from Coach and Grow R.I.C.H., and am certified through Patrick Snow Coach Training.  In addition to Coaching, I also serve as a Faculty member for Impact Coaching Academy, teaching and training new coaches who have a passion and desire to work with couples.