About Relationship & Marriage Coaching

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What is Professional Coaching?

According to the International Coaching Federation, the definition of Professional Coaching is “a professional partnership between a qualified coach and an individual or team that supports the achievement of extraordinary results in their lives. Through the process of coaching, individuals focus on the skills and actions needed to successfully produce their personally relevant results.”

Using the Conscious Soul Mates System, with individuals, couples and groups, I combine professional relationship coaching with education, intuition, a spiritual approach, and specific unique tools to create a powerful combination that will more swiftly move you towards achieving your relationship goals.

What I do for you:

I specialize in Intuitive Coaching, which combines the extraordinary results of Professional Coaching with Intuitive Guidance. I use spiritual concepts and principles as the guideline and foundation for the process. I incorporate my highly developed intuitive abilities to uncover and reveal issues, old patterns and beliefs, as well as purpose, vision, and direction. I use my coaching skills along with my training as an Educator, to move the process into a plan of action that will help you fully realize your relationship and marriage goals.

Transformation and Committment

In the Conscious Soul Mates Coaching process, you set an intention to make a distinct transformation in one or more areas of your relationship and marriage, and design it from the inside out and the outside in. Although I specialize in manifesting marriage and remarrying right, through this process you get the opportunity to transform whatever area or areas of relationship you choose.

I can serve as your Coach in any number of areas related to your relationship.  The process is highly transformational, requires a high level of commitment, investment, and may not be the right fit for everyone.  I am committed to providing exceptional value to those who work with me and am happy to offer the opportunity to discover if it is the right fit for you.  Apply for a Complimentary Consultation and Relationship Assessment session here and learn if together we can create the exceptional value you are looking for.

Movement & Momentum to Move Forward

Relationship & Marriage Coaching may include, but is not limited to:

  • obtaining clarity about your heart’s desire
  • creating a vision for your life, relationship and/or marriage
  • setting specific goals and developing an action plan to reach them
  • exploring ideas and revealing intuitive creative solutions
  • uncovering and overcoming obstacles
  • reviewing and releasing any deep blocks that prevent forward movement
  • learning to be accountable for taking direct, conscious, positive action

Regular, ongoing coaching opens up a path for measurable progress and creates momentum to allow the energy to continue flowing forward gracefully and swiftly.

What Happens During a Coaching Session?

The sessions are part of an ongoing process to have you manifest a soul mate, improve your relationship, or transition into living a heart-felt dream. Coaching sessions focus on your agenda and goals as the Client.  I utilize my special skills in combination with coaching for a deeper, more powerful and effective experience.

I also integrate Sedona Method® techniques into the sessions. The Sedona Method® is a simple and powerful technique for letting go of, or releasing, negative and self-sabotaging emotions, thoughts, and issues that have been blocking our natural state of freedom, happiness, and peace. Through the use of this method, many people report the ability to more easily manifest their heart-felt dreams and improve their relationships and with practice can use it anytime and anywhere for a variety of issues.

In addition to the coaching sessions themselves, there are conscious action steps to take in the interim between sessions that will accelerate the coaching process and help keep you on course to achieve your ultimate goals.

The coaching, together with my unique skills and the Sedona Method, provides more clarity of vision and more understanding of the deeper obstacles than you would achieve through traditional coaching, which makes your action steps even more effective and your results more successful.

About My Clients:

I have been blessed to work with Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy winners, TV and Film Producers, Agents, and Crew, Radio Hosts, Coaches, Teachers, Therapists, other Healing Practitioners and Spiritual Counselors, Attorneys, Business Owners, Realtors, Graphic Designers, Computer Programmers, Artists, Ministers, Nurses, Writers, and Bankers – people from many walks of life.

Although my clients are from a variety of different backgrounds and professions, I want everyone to be aware of these important components of the coaching process.

All of my clients understand that:

  1. They are personally responsible for their own life and relationship choices.
  2. The Conscious Soul Mates Coaching process has an internal as well as an external focus.
  3. Although my special intuitive skills are powerful, they do not see or know “everything” and that perceptions of future events are subject to change as we change and grow internally and are not always appropriate to share as coaching is not intended to predict future events but to help clients choose their own path forward.
  4. Professional Relationship & Marriage Coaching is not psychotherapy.
  5. The change in relationship & marriage they are seeking is a process which requires a high level of personal and time commitment, along with a willingness to be open to an ongoing process.
  6. Relationship & marriage coaching is highly personal and often sensitive in nature, and although my coaching style is warm, friendly, authentic, intuitive, and compassionate, the relationship between client and coach is highly and strictly professional.