Are You Whiner, Spaghetti Thrower or Conscious Action Taker?

Posted on by Susan
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Stop Dreaming Start DoingHang in there – this is a bit long but has a very key question at the end…

I have to tell you, having Lyme disease is no picnic. I’m truly blessed that I don’t have it in my brain and that allows me to do the work I love, which is to help people prepare for and thrive in love and marriage. So, sure, each day I could whine about Lyme, but instead of just whining about it, I take what I call “conscious action”, both internally and externally.

See, back in early 2003 when the Lyme hadn’t yet been diagnosed and I was totally bed bound, writhing in pain, I was wondering what would become of my life. I had left my career as a high school teacher behind because of the medical issues, and had finished my M.A. degree in Psychology, but didn’t know what I could do given my circumstances.

I had a choice at that time in my life. Was my health where I wanted it to be? Far from it. Was I in a thriving career? Nope. I could have just whined, cried, and complained about how unfair life was and just let my life be crap but I could also get into conscious action and allow myself to create something special

Barely able to move, I was not going to settle for a life of whining. I wanted more for my life. I wanted to help others. I wanted to heal and I wanted to enjoy adventures with my amazing husband. So, I made it my mission to create a life I that inspired me.

Sure, I had taken action and got some energy moving, but it wasn’t enough. I was kind of winging it there but I decided to do what I did to attract my husband that worked really well – take “conscious” action. This is an entirely different way of moving forward. I was in conscious action both internally and externally. I worked on personal growth, and I took steps – external steps that lead me to forward my life by starting this business, finally found out what the medical diagnosis was and started improving.

I started this business while I was bed bound, but with the technology we had, even 13 years ago, I could do something I loved. I could even train, get credentialed, work with people all over the world. I had no idea what could open up for me and so much has!  I was inspired!

While I have improved medically and am now in less pain, I am not fully cured. In fact, as of now, there is no cure, but I strive to continue to improve. I still take conscious action, I see medical and energy practitioners, I do personal growth work because sitting on my ass whining just isn’t a way I choose to live.

When it comes to love, it wasn’t a picnic for me either. For any of you who have been divorced coming out of a crappy marriage, you know what I mean, but I wasn’t going to sit around and whine about that either. I got into conscious action, even back then, which lead to meeting my awesome husband of 16 years. What is the difference between action and conscious action?

Action – Taking steps, doing something to try and make things happen – wingin’ it. It’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks.

Conscious Action – Developing your inner self, listening to your inner wisdom, and following that to the action step you take (much more effective).

Then there is whining. I hear it a lot – “Where is my man?” “I’ve done so much work, and still haven’t met him/her.” “My husband is such an ass. He always_________.” My wife never______.“  And the whining goes on and on.

Here’s the thing – Whining will get you more upset and bring on more whining. Action may get you something, but may not get you quite what you want to be. Conscious action will take you the furthest.

So who are you? Are you a whiner? Are you an action-taker, or do you want to become a conscious action taker and have the love you want?


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If you wish to whine or throw spaghetti at the wall, hoping it sticks, that choice it totally up to you. Good luck!

Much love,