Are You Really Lonely?

Posted on by Susan
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single red orchidI hear so many talk about how lonely they feel. It’s not just singles, divorcees, and those who have gone through a bad break up; it’s married people too.

One of the most painful experiences is being in a marriage and feeling lonely because you don’t feel your partner is connecting with you.

But, is there really such a thing as loneliness?

From my view there is being alone, feeling alone, and feeling lonely. Anytime you are ‘feeling’ something, it is a fleeting situation, something that comes and goes. It’s not who you are; it’s not your identity; nor is it who you have to be.

What if being alone was actually a cool experience for you? Sure you want a partner or want a better marriage, but what if your alone time was time to recharge, catch up on that Netflix show you’ve been binging, read an inspirational book, meditate, work out, and do some things that are all about YOU? 

What if it can actually be a positive experience?

For those who are single or single again and seeking partnership, relish in your alone time. It is not an everyday occurrence that you have no one to hang out with, spend time with, and sometimes it’s just fun to take yourself out. Don’t worry, the partnership will come.

If you are in a marriage and feel lonely, there may be something to address with your partner, and there may be something on the inside that feels empty. You are the ONLY one who can fill that empty feeling.

It may be an opportunity to rediscover who you are, what you love, what your interests are, and what your purpose is. If your marriage is not meeting your deal-makers and you are finding yourself in the midst of deal-breakers, that does need to be handled with your partner, but if you’re having lonely feelings you CAN let those feelings go and set yourself free.

Embrace your down time – we all need to decompress and be our own best company.