Single and Seeking? More Words of Advice..

Posted on by Susan
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Are you single, still waiting to meet your ideal partner, and really frustrated? I know; it’s tough to be single these days. You thought you’d be married by now, or perhaps married again by now. Your biological clock may be ticking. You’ve been to several weddings, patiently watching others get to the altar. You’re wondering if there’s anyone out there for you, and you may be frustrated with the “waiting”.

What to do?

Embrace the waiting. The waiting itself is not the issue; it’s what you make it mean that’s the cause of your suffering. For example, if you make the waiting mean that you’re never going find someone, you will suffer. If you make the waiting mean that you’re not attractive enough to find a partner, you will suffer. All of this suffering can actually increase your waiting time and keep you spinning in a miserable loop, while missing out on life – what’s right here, right now.

We all meet the right person at different times, and each of us has a degree of self- discovery and preparation to do before we meet our partner. That process looks different for everyone. Embracing the waiting means embracing your life as it is right now. If you are still single, you are actually in preparation mode, and there is work to be done that will bring you closer to finding your special someone/partner/happily-ever-after.

Hiring a Relationship Coach (yeah, that’s me!) can help you sort through the frustration, uncover the underlying issues that are in your way, and guide you through the self-discovery and preparation that you didn’t even know was missing or lacking.

Trust that everything present in your life right now is part of that process.

Embrace it!