Is There Anyone Out There for Me?

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As a Relationship Coach, the one most frequent question I get from my Single clients is “Is there anyone out there for me?”

I know many of you have been searching for years, thought you would be married by now and feel like giving up hope. I often hear “but I don’t see anyone out there and I haven’t met anyone up until now so therefore there must not be anyone.”  How many times have you actually seen something out there prior to it coming into your life?

We don’t always know what internal and external conditions need to be met for people to meet their beloved but it is different for everyone. It is so easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you are the only one in your group of friends who hasn’t met their partner or that at your age, the likelihood of meeting someone is slim.

I understand that things may look grim, but I encourage you to keep the faith and create the most spectacular life for yourself as a single person that you can while preparing yourself for partnership. And giving up hope doesn’t move you any closer.

Here are some easy ways you can create your best single life and hold the space for a partner:

1) Rejuvenate your relationship with yourself.

It’s so easy to spin the negative thoughts that come through your mind. It’s tempting to believe the old stories and programs about how bad, wrong, unattractive, unfortunate or unlovable you are since you don’t have a partner. Work on some new words for yourself and give yourself some love, approval, and praise while staring at your reflection in the mirror. It may be much easier to go to the dark side and find things that are negative about yourself, but try some praise for that fabulous gal you see staring back at you. She deserves some love and some kind words.

 2) Attend to the other areas of your life.

How is your self care? Your career? Your other relationships? Your finances? Would you rate those areas a 10? If not, there is work to do so get to it! A partner is not going to fill the void.

3) Envision your life with a partner.

I know vision crafting has become a bit cliché, but it helps you get clear about what you want and sends a strong message out to the universe.

 4) Continue your personal development.

Find something you’re passionate about or get involved in learning something new in the area of personal growth. Take a new class, order a personal development course or attend a lecture. Keep the flow of your personal development going. It may provide the information you need about yourself that clears something and helps draws in your partner.

5) Remember the law of attraction is still operating whether you want it to or not.

Your thoughts and words are powerful and if repeated over and over can be the very thing that blocks a partner from coming in. It’s ok to allow your anger and frustration to come forward, but learn ways to clear that energy. If you continue to state that there is no one out there for you, then that is what will continue to show up. There is a delicate balance between bringing frustration and sadness up for clearing and spinning in it and holding on to it.

6) Hire a trained Relationship Coach.

Yes I have to give a shout out to the value of coaching! Relationship Coaching can help you with all of the above, to really prepare for partnership in ways you didn’t know you were missing and actually speed up the process. With the combination of intuition and coaching that I offer, you will receive intuitive information about your partner, get a direct experience of your partner through the intuitive visioning process, identify and release the blocks that are standing in between you and your partner and learn tools that will transform every relationship in your life.

I’ve heard many clients tell me that they have done everything to find their partner and no one has shown up. If no one has arrived, then there is more to be done whether it’s more internal clearing, external action, or even more for you to experience as a single, and Relationship coaching can help pick up the pace!

In the meantime, create the best most fabulous life you can as a single, focus on what’s going well in your life as much as you possibly can and, most of all, have faith. Your partner is out there and when you meet him, you may even look back and be grateful he came in when he did knowing that all unfolded as it needed to and timing is always perfect.

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One Response to Is There Anyone Out There for Me?

  1. rose says:

    Hi Susan,
    Love your blog. Not only are the words beautiful but the pictures are divine. I miss our weekly calls. Hope you are having a good start of the year and us cancer girls will have a great year.