Are you ready to become part of the
10%-45% of people who have lasting successful marriages or are you willing to just take your chances?

Life is more than just having a nice house, a fancy car, and a big career. It’s about being home with the love of your life knowing that you're on journey of life and love with someone who loves and adores you, whom you love and adore in return.

Your Relationship & Marriage Coach Susan Ortolano with her husband Rick

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Yes, divorce statistics are scary. You may even be a part of them.

Good news! There is path to a happily-ever-after. Having it requires specific skills,
tools, a level of self-awareness, clearing of unconscious beliefs from your past,
and education you were never taught in school.

I’m Susan Ortolano and I’m here to help you prepare for and have the marriage
you have always wanted, regardless of the experiences of your past.

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Manifesting Love Again

Manifesting Love Again-Ladies, are you single or single again and want to manifest marriage for the first time or again? Haven’t found the right person to marry and don’t know why? Stop agonizing! Prepare for and attract the marriage you've been seeking.

Keeping Marriage Right

Keeping Marriage Right-Unexpected challenges, conflict, illness, tragedy? Get tools, get support, get healed. Learn to grow stronger and more peaceful together through it all.

Remarrying Right

Remarrying Right-Already failed in marriage and are remarrying or been single forever and feel this is the one after years of bad relationships and near misses? Ready to get it right this time?

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